How to Decorate an Office
While it’s not talked about, there’s a constant competition going on within many offices. It’s a long-standing feud, with hardly ever a clear winner. It’s the “best decorated cubicle” competition. Some people go big and bold, while others maintain a simple, minimalistic look.
Whichever way you lean, your cubicle could most likely need some sprucing up, and has just the tips to take your drab grey/beige combo up a few notches in the style department, thanks to their “Home Away From Home” infographic.
  How to Decorate an Office
How to Hang Anything
So, you just got the prints back from your latest photo-shoot, or the newest pic of your grand-kids. While frames and photos are always nice to look at, hanging them properly, and evenly, can be a challenge. has created a helpful infographic entitled “How to Hang Anything”, explaining just how to hang those precious photos – no matter what your walls are made of.
How to Hang Anything
Pet Lovers: Want To Know How To Keep Your Dog Happy In The Apartment?
We all know it can be a challenge to have our furry friends with us in an apartment.
Crystal Square apartments in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia has created an infographic with five helpful tips on how you can keep your dog happy in an apartment. You can read all of the tips they shared below.
Let’s keep our furry friends happy, to make sure your dog has a great life with you in your apartment!

Mental Illness in America
Mental illness is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States. From depression to alcoholism and suicide, this silent killer is affecting more and more each day. has created an interactive, clickable infographic entitled “Mental Illness in America”, illustrating just how prevalent mental illness is on the state level.
How Education Affects the United States of America
It’s said that it takes a community to raise a child, however, education may also play a crucial role. has created an interactive infographic entitled “How Education Affects the United States of America”, illustrating just how education levels can affect a number of social-economic factors.

Louisiana- Where Anything Can Happen

Louisiana is home to more than Creole food and a rich variety of cultures. The state has the fifth highest amount of property crimes in the nation. Each year, about 163,000 property crimes happen in Louisiana…each of which costs the average victim about $2,200 in loses.

ADT Louisiana Security monitors homes 24/7— changing the odds in your favor. It’s time to protect what matters most.

Louisiana Infographic

What Happens In A Facebook Minute
Cloud Breach Response Steps

Perspecsys has come up with the response steps for cloud breach. They know how important it is to secure cloud data and what the outcome is, when the data is insecure.

Take a look at the infographic below to see the steps and statistics for both paths. image

Cloud breach image via Perspecsys

Facts About Being Under the Influence

A Houston attorney office gathered some important facts about driving under the influence to share with everyone. The statistics in the infographic below, show how common that driving under the influence occurs.

To learn more, you can visit

Facts About Being Under the Influence

Financial Fitness: Staying on Track
Financial well-being seems impossible for an ever-growing number of Americans. has created an infographic entitled “Financial Fitness: Staying on Track”, detailing financial literacy gaps prevalent in today’s society.

Financial Fitness: Staying on Track